What’s a CSA? 

CSA or Community Supported Agriculture is when members in a community buy farm shares in late winter and early spring, receiving weekly shares in the summer and fall. The CSA farm delivers each week’s harvest to a designated site where CSA members pick up their share of fresh food. Some CSAs have expanded offerings into the winter and provide a year round CSA.


Who can join the SSCSA?

 Anyone can join the SSCSA.


How much does it cost to join?

 The organic, locally-grown vegetable share cost for the 2015 MICSA 22-week season is $630 per share. 

(WOW! Thats ONLY $28.64 per week!)

The Early Bird price is $605 per share if purchased BEFORE March 1, 2015.  

(WOW! Thats ONLY $27.50 per week!)

This price includes a $20 Administrative Fee to apply to the start up costs of the MICSA.

Separate fruit shares can be purchase for $210, payable before the first fruit delivery of the season.      

(WOW! Thats ONLY $17.50 per week!)

IMPORTANT CHANGES REGARDING REGISTRATION: Full payment of your share must be received by JUNE 1, 2015. NOTE: No shares can be acquired for the 2015 season after the first delivery date. 


Why does the north shore CSA membership $20 cheaper than the South Shore CSA membership fee? 

Great question! The north shore CSA, which has been established for a number of years. Since the South Shore CSA is new, we are charging a $20 admin fee to assist with the CSA start up costs. 


Where do I send my SSCSA Membership Application and payment?

We are currently accepting SSCSA Membership Applications for the 2015 season. Mail your 2015 SSCSA Membership Application and Payment  (check or money order  - please DO NOT SEND CASH) made to:

SSCSA (South Shore Community Supported Agriculture)

℅ Alyce Sparandero, 3 Craig Avenue, Staten Island, NY, 10307


Can I send payments incrementally or be on a payment plan? 

The SSCSA encourages the payment for the vegetable share to be PAID IN FULL at the time you submit your application and no later than the date of the first pickup. Fruit payments can be sent separately but must be paid in full before the first fruit delivery. 


When and where do I pick up my produce?

SSCSA pickups are THURSDAYS from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at Bethel United Methodist Church located at 7033 Amboy Road, Staten Island, NY, 10307 – 2 blocks southeast of Page Ave. Distribution will ONLY BE CONDUCTED DURING THAT DAY/TIME PERIODS. A designated SITE COORDINATOR and CSA MEMBERS will be on hand to help out with your entire pick up needs. 


How much time is a member required to commit per season to the SSCSA?

 All SSCSA members are required to commit a total of 5 hours equal to 2 distribution days throughout the season. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you are a SSCSA CORE MEMBER your hours may vary depending on your job description. NOTE: IF YOU DO NOT COMPLETE THE WORK REQUIREMENT PORTION OF YOUR MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION, YOUR APPLICATION WILL NOT BE PROCESSED.   


What do typical THURSDAY ‘Pickup Days’ look like?

On a typical THURSDAY pickup day, the designated SITE COORDINATOR and CSA MEMBERS for that day arrive at the Bethel United Methodist Church by 445pm and set up produce delivered by Farmer John. Set up includes opening tables, weighing and bagging select items and writing a list of produce for the pickup on a large wipe board for members to read while they collect their produce. 

Between 5:30pm and 7:30pm, ‘check-in’ will commence with the SITE COORDINATOR and CSA MEMBERS on staff that day identifying the share holders name and how many shares of fruits and vegetables they are excepted to receive. Each share holder will be assisted in the selection of their share. Members should bring their own bags to pick-up their produce to reduce waste.

By 7:30pm, the SITE COORDINATOR and CSA MEMBERS for that day will pack all of the remaining produce for donation to either a local food bank or local families in need. The group will securely store tables and other equipment in the site shed for next week’s delivery, leaving the site tidy and secure. 


How many vegetables do I receive each week?

Each “share” has approximately 7-13 different kinds of vegetables and is enough to feed two adults and two children. 


Are half shares available?

Half shares are not available through the SSCSA. If you are interested in purchasing a half share it will be your personal responsibility to coordinate the purchase with another person and coordinate the splitting of the weekly share. 


If I purchase a fruit share, how long is the fruit season and how many fruits will I receive weekly?

The fruit season runs for 12 weeks, from July until October, and consists of  6-7 lbs of fruit varying dependent upon what is in season. 


Can I add a fruit share at a later date?

Fruit shares can be purchased up until the first pick up date, which will be in July. A separate check or money order can be sent no later than before the first fruit delivery to the:  

SSCSA, ℅ ALYCE SPARANDERO, 3 Craig Avenue, Staten Island, NY, 10307


What kinds of vegetables and fruits will I receive?

Vegetable shares include a variety of root, stem, tuber, leafy, bulb, inflorescence, mature fruit vegetables, and herbs. Fruit shares include apples, pears, peaches, nectarines, plums, blueberries and maybe cherries.


What is the name of the farm and where is it located?

Farmer John Krueger is the owner of Circle Brook Farm, located in Andover, New Jersey. 


Are their inherent risks to joining a CSA?

There are inherent risks when joining a CSA: weather conditions, equipment failure, unforeseen pest and plant disease issues, and even occasionally, farmer error, can all negatively affect crop yields. From previous experience with Farmer John, the north shore CSA has had minimal impact from such risks faced by the farmer. While Farmer John will take all practical steps to mitigate these risks, we cannot reimburse, refund, or otherwise compensate for crop failures or low yields. By becoming a member of our CSA program you are agreeing that these risks are included in CSA membership. Conversely, when the crops are in abundance, the CSA benefits from a bountiful CSA share.


Can I join the SSCSA in the middle of the season?

No. The SSCSA CORE MEMBERS are in agreement that once the season begins, the SSCSA will no longer be accepting new SSCSA members. If you are interested in joining, you will be subject to applying for membership in the following season. 



 A FALL EXTENSION is an opportunity for SSCSA members to stock up on hearty vegetables for an additional 3 weeks after the 22-week share has ended. These vegetables could be stored for 1-2 months. FALL EXTENSION shares total 40 lbs. of produce per share. The cost of the FALL EXTENSION will be decided upon by the farmer at the end of the season. It is approximately an additional $120 and a minimum of 20 members is needed for the SSCSA to participate. Information regarding the 2015 FALL EXTENSION will be posted in late Summer 2015. 


Is my produce organic? 

All vegetables from Farmer John Krueger and the Circle Brook Farm are certified organic. Currently, Farmer John obtains fruit shares from neighboring farmers who use organic methods to grow their fruit, however they are not certified organic. Farmer John in currently in the process of developing his land for organic fruit production and will be able to provide organic fruits in the years to come. 


What does certified organic mean

Organic certification is a certification process for producers of organic food and other organic agricultural products. In general, any business directly involved in food production can be certified, including seed suppliers, farmers, food processors, retailers and restaurants.


What if I cannot pick-up my vegetables at the designated day/time?

It is your responsibility to coordinate with family, friends or other CSA Members to make alternative arrangements to have your produce share picked up on the day you cannot. Otherwise, your share will be donated for that week. 


Are you associated with the north shore CSA, Staten Island CSA? 

No. While we use the same farmer, we are not associated with the north shore CSA, Staten Island CSA. If you would like to have a north shore pick-up location, you should register with Staten Island CSA at www.statenislandcsa.org.