Bringing fresh organic produce to urban residents straight from the farmer


The South Shore CSA (SSCSA) is an all-volunteer community run organization that partners with Farmer John Krueger from Circle Brook Farm in Andover, NJ to provide organic produce to the Staten Island residents who pay for a produce share. The SSCSA host site, Bethel United Methodist Church, offers a location for the SSCSA community to distribute the produce they receive from Circle Brook Farm. Distributions are every Thursday evening between 530pm and 730pm between June and November for a total of 22 weeks. The SSCSA is committed to providing fresh, organic produce to the Staten Island Community at a reasonable cost, to encourage healthy living, and to support both local farmers and the health of our planet. 



*****REGISTRATION is open until August 18, 2016*****

If you are interested joining and have questions, email us at:

When applying for membership you must fill out a  SSCSA Membership Applications. Mail your 2016 SSCSA Membership Application and Payment (check or money order - DO NOT SEND CASH) made payable to:

SSCSA (South Shore Community Supported Agriculture)

℅ Alyce Sparandero, 3 Craig Avenue, Staten Island, NY, 10307


We have REVOLVING SHARE LOANS if you want to pay-as-you-go!


2016 Vegetable Share

 The organic, locally-grown vegetable share cost for the 2016 SSCSA 22-week season is as follows:

Early Bird Price: $597 if purchased before March 1, 2016

Regular Price: $622 if purchased between March 1 & June 9, 2016

Pricing for shares purchased after June 9, 2016, contact Dawn at 718-689-2441.

Each vegetable share consists of 7-13 types a vegetables per week!

This price includes a $12 Administrative Fee to apply to the start up costs of the SSCSA.


2016 Fruit Share

Separate fruit shares can be purchase for $215, payable before the first fruit delivery of the season.  

Fruit shares are delivered between July and September, for 12 weeks, offering 6-7 pounds of 2 types of fruit weekly.

There is NO EARLY BIRD SPECIAL for fruit shares. 

NOTE: Fruit shares CANNOT be purchased without having purchased a vegetable share. 


2016 Fall Extension

A FALL EXTENSION is an opportunity for SSCSA members to stock up on hearty vegetables for an additional 3 weeks after the 22-week share has ended. These vegetables could be stored for 1-2 months. FALL EXTENSION shares total 40 lbs. of produce per share. The cost of the FALL EXTENSION will be decided upon by the farmer at the end of the season. It is approximately an additional $120 and a minimum of 20 members is needed for the SSCSA to participate. Information regarding the 2016 FALL EXTENSION will be posted in late Summer 2016. 



WEEK 3: 6/23/2016

Message from Farmer John Krueger


Lettuce, summer squash, garlic scapes, radishes (or salad turnips), broccoli or kale, kohlrabi, spinach, choice of escarole or frissee, peas and choice of cilantro or dill.



Site Coordinator

 Diana, 917-575-1534

CSA Members


Volunteer Work Schedule





2016 South Shore CSA Member Schedule

All volunteers must meet at the east side of the Bethel United Methodist Church, 7033 Amboy Road, Staten Island, NY 10307 by 4:45pm. Site is open until 7:30pm.

Contact Dawn Rizzo, the SSCSA VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR @ or 718-689-2441 to make changes. If you have an emergency and cannot work on your assigned evening, it is your responsibility to find a replacement. 


Just Food and Bethel United Methodist Church

Just Food is a non-profit that works with communities to make fresh, locally grown food accessible throughout NYC. Just Food helps NYC neighborhoods connect with a local family farmer. Just Food supports people in starting and maintaining CSA sites as well as with farmers who want to grow for CSA. 

The South Shore CSA is part of Just Food's CSA Network, and a portion of your CSA Administration Fee goes to Just Food to help them build new CSAs, support additional farms and existing sites, and make NYC a better place to eat and live. Qiana Mickie is the Just Food Representative for Staten Island.  

A portion of your administrative fee is donated to Just Food annually as acknowledgement for their commitment to guiding us through the CSA process! 

Bethel United Methodist Church is our gracious host site for the South Shore CSA!

Bethel United Methodist Church has been a 'Beacon of Light' for the South Shore of Staten Island for 192 years! What began as a small home church has grown into a congregation working to share the good news of Jesus Christ through word and deed. Bethel United Methodist Church believes in heart-felt, Spirit-led worship and passionate ministry focused on building God's kingdom within and around our community. The congregation is led by Pastor Matt Schaeffer who led his community to greatness during Hurricane Sandy, comforting and assisting the South Shore Community! Bethel United Methodist Church invites everyone to join them in celebrating God's steadfast love which draws all people to our Lord and Savior.

Extra produce left over from each weeks share will be donated to the South Shore Food Pantry at St. Paul's UMC.  

For more information about the church, visit their website at or join their group on Facebook.